Welcome to the St. Kitts-Nevis Pavilion Experience at Dubai Expo2020

Our preliminary walkthrough experience for stakeholder collaboration. Before reviewing our pavilion storyline, it is important to preview the video below as this six-month world exposition will present St. Kitts-Nevis to a global audience. Our story, in contrast with 192 other nations, will be on full display. It is therefore incumbent on our government to fully back and support the national brand in the interest of stimulating tourism and direct foreign investement to an estimated 25 million Expo2020 Dubai visitors.

The SKN Master Storyline…

At the St. Kitts and Nevis Expo2020 Pavilion, we hope to show all our visitors our small country in a big way! Our content design, layout and visitor experience will give our visitors a real feel of our casual island charm as well as our luxurious tourism products, and the breadth of stories in between.

We have been deliberate to tell stories which are an authentic representation of our country and an intentional departure from the expected. They are stories designed for a life of travel. Our hope is that each visitor at our Pavilion will be inspired to: engage with our Pavilion and exhibits; learn about our country’s uniqueness; enjoy the experience; reflect upon interesting features and facts; and act, ultimately, to spread the word, visit or invest.

The spaces in our Pavilion will be filled with iconic photography and videography of St Kitts and Nevis, from the typical landscapes to sweeping drone panoramas, and will incorporate audio and tactile features to create an immersive experience. Our spaces will also use interesting facts and information in interactive exhibit displays. We hope our stories will be accessible to various demographics, including children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Visitors will be welcomed into our Nature Zone, which will attract onlookers with the vibrancy of distinctly Kittitian and Nevisian melodies and a dense and rich display of our Federation’s flora and fauna.

The immersive introduction to our country’s natural beauty will lead our visitors to a brief, but compelling and interesting, account of our nation’s past. The content will give an overview of key phases of our history: The Amerindians, Slavery, Colonialism, Independence (modern day SKN). The interactive content will invite engagement with the historical events, people, symbols and stories which have shaped our national identity.

This space dovetails seamlessly into our Culture Zone— our dedicated experience into the cultural life and celebrations of our islands. We want each visitor to sample the fun, revelry, colour and festivity of our local culture. Whilst the central displays will focus on Christmas folklore, the room allows for an abundance of storytelling of our other cultural practices.

Finally, visitors to our Pavilion culminate their experience in our Tourism Zone, which offers a relaxing, beach-side view of our island paradise. We hope to share with our visitors the successes of our tourism products and a forward-looking view of where our nation is heading. We hope to tell stories of innovation, enterprise and sustainable development.